Angelo Ceramica tries to stay constantly updated on the best production techniques to create the designs and configurations necessary to express the taste of ceramics. Quality and innovation represent for Angelo ceramica an essential prerogative on which to base the choice of ceramic product in its design declinations. Therefore, we always try to be as up-to-date as possible on the best production techniques that allow us to achieve aesthetic and qualitative results in the best standards. Our technologies identify different types of applications: GLAZED PORCELAIN (GP) COLOR BODY PORCELAIN (A+) DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY THIRD FIRE (3F)


The success of a floor is due not only to the quality of the tiles, but to a whole set of elements . This is why the laying operations are to be considered as important as the choice of tile. The laying can be done either with cement mortar or with adhesives or adhesives. To proceed with the installation with adhesive it is necessary before proceeding to verify that the substrate possesses suitable characteristics for bonding the ceramic such as: stability and dimensional regularity, rigidity, absence of cracks, cleaning and surface integrity, absence of excess humidity and / or contaminants. Before starting to lay any surface it is recommended to make sure that the amount of stoneware is adequate and sufficient for the quantity, tone and size required. All the rules and precautions that are at the base of a correct execution of the work must be carried out (preparation of the substrate, composition of the mortar or glues, maturation times, positioning of expansion joints,etc.) In large rooms it is absolutely necessary to position the expansion joints regularly.). Avoid transit on the floor for at least 2/3 days after laying. In case of need, cover the floor properly to allow the passage without causing damage.




INSTALLATION SUGGESTION PARTICULARLY FOR OUR DECORATIVE TILES To obtain a correct installation and a suitable result, please pay attention in laying the right tile position to obtain the necessary continuity in the decoration. Our tiles have an arrow on the back (Fig A). that allows you to orient the tiles correctly and avoid unpleasant problems. Always following the direction of the arrow, the elements with structure will then be properly laid as shown in the (Fig B).

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